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Welcome to the Buffalo Fighting Game Community!

Currently we hold weekly sessions at GameOn LAN center (Deleware Ave) Wednesdays nights from 7pm-12am for Weekly Ranking Tournaments, and on Saturdays for open practice and casuals from 12pm-1am.

We are a diverse communi and alms ever fighing game ha has been released at one time has graced the setups of the BFGC. You will find players for almost anything here, especially current tournament games being the most popular.

Ranking Battles (Ranbats) for this season will be covering 3 games:

SFV Logo Tekken Logo DBFZ Logo

We have the best competitors in the WNY region coming out weekly to compete for prizes and glory. If you are unable to join us- you can catch our stream at Bifuteki

Live on Wednesdays starting at 7:30pm EST

You can check our archives for past evens at BFGC YouTube.

If you are a new player or curious about what we do, it's highly recommended you join our community on Facebook to stay current on all the latest announcements, happenings, and events in the regional area.

You can join HERE.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the BFGC, please tweet me on twitter - @chacha2damax or email us HERE

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